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During your initial phone consultation with Dr. Hannah, she will discuss your goals for treatment. You will also have the opportunity to have any questions answered prior to booking an initial visit with her. After learning more about you, she will provide her recommendation regarding treatment and provide you information on how to book a in-person session with her. This call is completely confidential and is a no pressure way for you to determine if booking with Dr. Hannah is the right choice for you. If you have any questions prior to your call, please submit the form below.

A different approach to physical therapy and fitness



Dr. Hannah is a doctor of physical therapy who believes people deserve to feel empowered by their healthcare therefore she has dedicated her career to helping her clients live their happiest and healthiest lives optimized through movement and physical therapy.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science, Hannah pursued her doctorate in Physical Therapy at Baylor University where she sought out advanced education and clinical mentorship in the field of Pelvic Health and Obstetrics. She also became trained in the alternative treatment of orthopedic injuries using a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and dry needling.

Following graduate school, she moved back to Michigan with the goal to expand access to quality care in her home state. In addition to working as a staff therapist out of a traditional insurance-based physical therapy clinic, she worked in a local gym as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. While she loved what she did, she was eager to bridge the gap between the rehabilitation and fitness settings that she practiced in which led to her launching her own private practice in February 2024 out of the Haven Wellness Collective.

Dr. Hannah believes there’s not one singular approach to wellness so instead she focuses on facilitating the healing process by providing highly individualized care to all of her clients matching her treatment style to their unique needs. She uses a variety of techniques to not only treat impairments, but uncover their root cause in order to optimize patient health and long-term success.

While Dr. Hannah has advanced training in pelvic health, as a holistic practitioner she incorporates assessment and treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system as well as the nervous system into every session. She is qualified to treat orthopedic injuries from head to toe in both men and women, but has a special passion for obstetrics and pelvic health. Patient education is at the forefront of Dr. Hannah’s mission, and she aims to help all of her patients understand their bodies, ultimately empowering them to take back control of their health.

Side note: Since Dr. Hannah is an out of network provider, she is unfortunately not able to work with anyone who receives Medicare benefits due to federal law. If you receive Medicare benefits and would like to be connected to resources, please instead reach out via the form below so she can provide you with a list of local resources.

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