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Meet Karina Hernandez


Karina Hernandez 

CEO and administrator for Revive Lounge, was born and raised in Michigan.

Karina graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing from Wayne County Community College District in 2012. In 2015, she graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Following, she attended Chamberlain University, where she received a Master of Nursing and later became board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.


Throughout Karina’s career, she accumulated experience in neurosurgery, hospice, gastroenterology, oncology, urology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pain management, and internal medicine. Experience across these specialities instilled a desire to approach health and wellness in a holistic and convenient way.  

Karina is inspired to fuel her career by passion and is elated to shift from conventional medicine to intertwine health and beauty. Book now to experience the pure benefits of custom, medical-grade IV hydration treatments!



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